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Solutions for 9kg Gas Bottle Storage

If you have a gas hob installed in your kitchen the chances are you will have a gas bottle sitting outside your kitchen window or home somewhere. Hideawayz offer two solutions to hiding and securing those 9kg gas bottles.

The Cover

The first is a cover to hide two 9kg gas bottles and the regulator attachment to the wall. For those of you who keep a spare close, this solution makes perfect sense. The louvre design of the cover allows for air to circulate ensuring no gas will build up or be trapped. The cover can be fixed to the ground or can simply sit in position. Made from aluminium and available in grey, black and brown colours.

The Locker

The HUNA 9kg Gas Bottle Locker is designed to store and hide a 9kg LPG Gas Bottle. Normally used for a gas hob in the kitchen. Also perfect for storing an outdoor BBQ gas bottle. The Locker design provides for air circulation via the foiled front cover. Made from aluminium and powder coated in grey, the Locker looks great outside any property.

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