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Our Products

Huna sheds, cabinets, screens, lockers and covers are designed to provide a consistent look and finish around the outdoors of your property. Hiding and protecting 45kg and 9kg gas bottles, califont gas water heaters, wheelie bins, recycle bins, mountain and e-bikes, BBQ's, firewood and heat pump outdoor units. In most cases, offered in two design finishes and three colours. All being made from powder coated aluminum except our Firewood Shed which is steel. The finish is either in slat or louvre, and brown, black or grey. The Slat range is priced slightly below that of the Louvre range. All products will add real value to your property. If you wish to have a custom size or  colour this can be priced.

All products come as a flat pack and require assembly.

Huna Products Include:

Colour options for Hideawayz Products
Hideawayz Products
Slat Design Range

Slat Range

The slat range is finished with aluminium slats with a 20mm gap. If you have a fence with similar design this would be ideal in keeping with the surroundings. The Slat range has a lower price point than the Louvre range.

Louvre Design RerangRange

Louvre Range

The Louvre range offers a louvre finish which ensures the contents are 100% hidden. The louvre finish adds a touch of sophistication to your home. The design allows the wind to also pass through without causing a noise.

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