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Heat Pump Covers

HUNA superior Heat Pump Covers hide the unsightly heat pump unit installed outdoors. Moreover, the Heat Pump Cover protects the unit from the elements in addition to looking great!

The superior design of the HUNA Heat Pump Cover is market leading. 

The Heat Pump Cover is made from aluminium, is 3 sided, fully opened at the back ensures the airflow is not affected. The louvre finish will ensure air can circulate no matter the outdoor temperature. 

The HUNA Heat Pump Cover range will fit most heat pumps. The external measurements are below. Custom sizes are available.

​Heat Pump Covers are available in a slat or louvre finish. Colours available are a brown, black or grey in either style consistent with all HUNA products. 

Other options include a cover for air conditioner or AC unit cover, pool pump or pool equipment cover.

Dimensions (external):

  • Small - W1030mm x H770mm x D430mm 

  • Medium - W1080mm x H850mm x D470mm

  • Large - W1080mm x H1020mm x D470mm 

  • X Large - W1220mm x  H1400mm x  D600mm  

When measuring a heat pump unit the cover must fit over the top of the unit so the "internal" measurements of the cover needs to be considered. The above is the external size. The width and depth must take into account 120mm for the posts. To purchase the small cover the width of the unit must not be larger than 910mm.

Large Heat Pump Cover from HUNA Covers and Sheds
Slat Design Heat Pump Cover
Heat Pump Cover Louvre Design
HUNA's Superior Louvre Design 
Large Heat Pump Cover Louvre Design
Hideawayz Black Heat Pump Coversjpg
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