Firewood Sheds

Huna Firewood Sheds have been designed to perform an important function, that is to season and dry that expensive winter resource, firewood. Being fit for purpose is of course important however just as important to Huna is "being stylish". 

Many of the sheds advertised for storing firewood are not designed to provide appropriate airflow for seasoning or drying firewood. Often the same shed is also advertising as a tool shed, a bike shed or a mower shed. A firewood shed needs to be designed specifically for storing firewood.

The key requirement for a good firewood shed is airflow. The shed must provide excellent air circulation from all sides including from underneath. The firewood should not be stored directly on the ground and should not be covered by tarpaulin impeding good air circulate. 

"Dry seasoned firewood will provide a hotter fire with less smoke and you will use less wood"

The Huna Firewood Shed ticks all the boxes. The shed will hold around 5 meters of purchased cut firewood. And as we have pointed out, it is a great looking shed. Once stacked 5m of firewood would be around 4.0m of 250mm cuts.

​The Firewood Shed is made of steel tubing. The front doors and side panels are finished with a slat design and Huna's grey colour. The back and floor are covered with a strong mesh. The roof is angled up at the front for easy access to the firewood. The shed posts would be concreted into the ground because of the weight the shed must support.

No need for firewood shed plans or to learn how to build a firewood shed as we have done the hard work for you!  The firewood shed is delivered as a flat pack and includes 7 components. 

External Dimensions:

  • W 2000mm x H 2000mm x D 1240mm

A shed that stores wood does not mean it is a "Firewood Shed". A shed that stores bikes, wood and garden tools is a shed. A Firewood Shed is designed and built for only firewood.

Firewood Shed side view full of wood
Side View of Firewood Shed

"The shed is certainly well made and strongly constructed. It has heaps of room and can hold a lot of firewood up off the ground to give lots of air circulation. The shed is just what was promised. I look forward to many years of use"

David Lilly Auckland.

Firewood Shed Front View
Firewood Sheds full of winter firewood

Dual firewood sheds storing enough wood for the coming winter

Wood Shed Full of Dry Wood