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Pool Pump Shed

HUNA Covers and Sheds provide a Pool Pump Shed, for your swimming pool pumps, filters and electronics. This Pool Pump Filter Shed ticks all the boxes!

HUNA's Pool Pump Sheds provide the following features:

  • Security : the shed can be locked so kids cannot access the equipment stored inside

  • Weather-Resistant : the shed's louvre design provides for great airflow as well as protection from the sun, wind and rain

  • Concealing and Hiding : HUNA sheds hide and conceal eyesores outdoors at your home

  • Modern Design :  All HUNA products are stylish and modern design.

Our Pool Pump Sheds are made from long-lasting power coated aluminium. Currently available in black and grey.

The Pool Pump Shed lid is assisted by gas struts so it is easy to lift and it will remain open. Two doors that open a full 180 degrees provides for easy access to the pool equipment for maintenance. 

Delivered as a flatpack.


External: W 1955mm x H 1200mm (front) / H 1314mm (back ) x D 1075 mm 

Internal: W 1835mm x H 1200mm (front) / H 1314mm (back ) x D 985 mm 

GUIDELINE: Delivery to Auckland is $244 and Tauranga $284. This is to the PBT Depot. Allow +$100 to a private residence. We would need to quote you for the exact amount to your required shipping location.

Stylish Pool Pump Sheds in New Zealand
Pool Pump Shed Electronics
Pool Pump Shed Opened
Pool Pump Shed in Auckland
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