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9kg Gas Bottle Lockers Available!

The final design of our 9kg Gas Bottle Lockers have been confirmed and they are now in production.

So why do we need one?

Some home owners have a gas hob in their kitchen and normally for this gas demand a 9kg LPG bottle is used. In the past this may have sat in a cupboard or pantry in the kitchen however it is now illegal to have a gas bottle inside the house for this purpose. So if you have seen a 9kg gas bottle sitting outside the kitchen window then this is why. The home owner has a gas hob installed and must sit the gas bottle outside the house.

Another eyesore?

Yep! Another eyesore to deal with outside the home. HUNA Gas Bottle Locker will hide and secure the 9kg LPG gas bottle. The stylish design includes a grill front panel, a gas strut powered lid and secure latches on the side. The size is W 360mm x H 520mm x D 360mm. Colours include powder coated black, brown or grey. This is made from aluminium and galvanized steel. It will last the test of time and require ZERO maintenance.

9kg LPG Gas Bottle connected to inside Gas Hob

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