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LPG Gas Bottle Cage or Gas Bottle Protector?

Gas Bottle Cage Secure LPG cage Security Cage in NZ

Some may think a Gas Bottle Cage is a secure way to store your 45kg Gas Bottles however why does a solution like this need to be so ugly?

You can secure your 45kg LPG gas bottles with our Hideawayz Gas Bottle Protector in the same manner however hide it and make it good looking.

The LPG gas bottle cage has a industrial look and feel to it. I have read where "our Cages are designed to withstand the vigors of tough everyday use" however a gas bottle cage just sits there and does nothing?

The gas bottle cage has been around for many years in New Zealand, as security for LPG cylinders and gas bottles has been a requirement of compliance for the gas industry. However we ask the question... must the solution be ugly?

You can make the choice. You be the judge. Gas bottle cage or Gas Bottle Protector? Check out our pricing. You may be surprised at the cost of a better looking solution.


HUNA Gas Bottle Protectors

  • 2 x 45kg bottles - W1220mm x H1700mm x D510mm

  • 4 x 45kg bottles - W2440mm x H1700mm x D510mm​


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