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Queenstown / Wanaka District Wheelie Bins Coming

1st of July sees the Queenstown Lakes District get Wheelie Bins. This will consist of 3 bins ( 1 x 240L and 2 x 140). Much of New Zealand has had this approach for some time but this will be new for the Queenstown and Wanaka areas. With the wheelie bins now being delivered people are now asking the question "where am I going to store these?"

HUNA Wheelie Bin Sheds have been designed to store NZ sized wheelie bins. We have seen an increase in demand for our sheds with the changes to the local rubbish collection rules.

We recommend installing our Wheelie Bin Sheds on a wood pad / base. This provides for easy installation and a good looking finish. Painting the base would be an option you can consider.

The Wheelie Bin Shed is delivered as a flat pack and it would take between 90-120 minutes to set up and install. Clear instructions are provided with the Shed.

Below is a few photos of the process of installation. This is not quite finished but you can see the bins fit perfectly.

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