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Wheelie Bin Sheds That Make You Smile!

Wheelie Bin Shed Cpvers

You have got to feel happy with yourself if you have solved the ugly eyesore wheelie bin issue. No matter where you live in New Zealand, your local Council will force you to have 1, 2 or 3 wheelie bins stored somehow on your property if you wish to have your rubbish collected.

Many people all over the country are not happy with the way a well maintained home can be degraded once these ugly wheelie bins are stored on their property. This problem is not actually a New Zealand problem. The same thing happens in Australia and the UK. Streets a lined with these bins or they are stored out the front of everyone's home, which can lead to a nice looking street simply becoming "less nice" or "not nice".

HUNA Wheelie Bin Storage Sheds and covers will hide and secure your wheelie bins. I say secure because of issues with the wind and them being blown around or roaming animals trying to get into them. And finally thieves. Hundreds of wheelie bins go missing every year with a cost to Councils and to home owners.

So consider putting a smile on your face by solving the Wheelie Bin storage dilemma. Hideawayz offers a 2-bin and 3-bin configuration for both the 140L and 240L wheelie Bin sizes.

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