• André Meyer

The Great Kiwi Firewood Shed?

Firewood Shed Stylish Design From New Zealand

Researching the firewood shed market has made me conclude The Great Kiwi Firewood Shed does not exist.

Thousands of Kiwi's need firewood to keep warm every winter however from what I have seen around various towns, not many people actually have a firewood shed. Often wood is simply stacked against a wall or fence with a tarp thrown over top. In some cases it is still sitting where it was dumped from the supplier.

Firewood Shed design must have great air circulation or airflow capabilities. Having the firewood off the ground and not covered by a tarp is a great start to drying and seasoning firewood. An overhanging roof keeps rain and snow off however if the surface of the wood does get a little wet, it will dry quickly due to the design.

HUNA Firewood Shed is designed to "tick all the boxes" for buying a Firewood Shed including being modern, stylish and will last the test of time and continue to look good.

Holding up to 4 cubic meters of firewood will ensure you have a continued dry supply of wood during the colder months.

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