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Hiding 9KG Gas Bottles Used for Indoors

Gas bottles used for an in-house gas hob must be placed outside the house. Some homes simply have these placed outside the back door, others may have build a wooden box that looked great for an initial period but as times passes wooden boxes can look out of place.

HUNA has designed a 9kg Gas Bottle Locker that will hide the gas bottle as well as securing it outdoor of your home.

The 9kg Gas Bottle Locker is made from powder coated aluminium in Hideawayz standard colours of brown, black and grey. The front door uses louvers for air circulation.

The locker has an option to purchase the gas fitting to allow the bottle to be fitted to the regulator inside the locker and then connected to the fitting from the house.

The Gas Bottle Locker will look smart for years. Is weather proof and keeps the gas bottle secure.

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