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HUNA Products Prove Very Popular

Hideawayz Wanaka Home & Lifestyle Show
Wanaka Home Show

HUNA products were very well received at the Home & Lifestyle Show in Wanaka on Saturday. This was a very pleasing result as it only confirmed our "great idea" was not a "silly idea".

The Wheelie Bin Shed's functions and design was very well received, with one couple stating "this is exactly what we need, we are so pleased we came along today and found this solution".

The Heat Pump Cover was also well received with even the suppliers of heat pumps to the local market impressed at the design and quality.

Those with gas bottles at home also passed very positive comments on how great the Gas Bottle Protector idea was and how the range of products will tidy the outdoors of their homes up.

A very encouraging show which only confirms HUNA is on the right track with products, design, product quality and pricing.

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