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3 Options to Hide those Eyesores

Outdoor Eyesores Gas Bottles Wheelie Bins Heat Pump Unit
HUNA Covers and Shed cover all these!

The above eyesores represent the reason HUNA Covers and Sheds was established. Unsightly 45kg gas bottles, a wheelie bin and recycle bin, a garden hose and finally the outdoor heat pump exchange unit.

As sections and houses get smaller more of these eyesores are going to end up encroaching on valuable living space. Hiding. protecting and securing these eyesores as well as better utilizing the space is now important.

  1. HUNA Gas Bottle Protector screens can be extended to provide storage for additional items such as a firewood, a mountain bike or even deck chairs or loungers.

  2. The HUNA Heat Pump Cover can include a wooden top for plants to be placed or for a table top to be extended for easy outdoor dining.

  3. The wheelie bin and recycle bin can be stored and hidden in Wheelie Bin Storage Shed and this could be extended to include a BBQ shelter including wind break.

We are consistently listening to people about what eyesores they are dealing with at their home. Things we sometimes see make you question what the person who installed this was thinking.

If you have any specific requirements to hide your unsightly objects please contact us at HUNA Covers and Sheds to provide a custom solution.

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