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Heat Pump Covers: Weather Protection

Manufacturers of split-system heat pumps do recommend their outside units are protected from the elements. This includes geothermal activity as well as sea spray. However not all of us live in these areas of New Zealand. Most of New Zealand however live in areas where it rains, is windy and some also enjoy morning frosts. Wind will affect a heat pump unit's performance.

HUNA's Heat Pump Cover is 3 sided

HUNA's Heat Pump Covers protect your outdoor heat exchange unit from the weather. Both the louvre and slat range offer enough air circulation the unit's efficiency is not compromised.

The Govt. web site states:

The outside unit needs good airflow, as much winter sun and as little frost as possible. They need to be protected from elements that might cause corrosion, such as sea spray.

The heat pump cover is open on the back side. This ensures the air intake is not compromised and the heat pump unit can continue to run as efficient as possible as well as Mr Heat Pump Cleaner will have no issues accessing the unit for cleaning. Not cleaning both your indoor and outdoor heat pump systems can also impact on the performance efficiency so the cover can be simply lifted off so maintenance can be performed on the outdoor unit. HUNA's Heat Pump Covers will not compromise the warranty of any heat exchange unit.

Below is a video introduction to the Heat Pump Cover.

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