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Queenstown: Gas Bottle Protector Installed in Great Surrounds

Assembling HIdeawayz Gas Bottle Protector Screens in Queenstown

Queenstown is currently New Zealand's most expensive district for real estate. With a number of homes on Queenstown Hill now selling for $3M to $5M the addition of HUNA's Gas Bottle Protector makes that million dollar view just a little better.

Purchasing a Gas Bottle Protector or Gas Bottle Surround only requires a decision on colour and design, that being a Slat or Louvre finish. To assemble the screens takes about 90 minutes if the installation guide is followed. The Gas Bottle Protector screen posts allow for holes to be dug and quick dry concrete used to hold the posts in place. Preparing the holes and getting everything ready is not a big task however it is an important one.

The design of the Gas Bottle screens includes two spacer-bars that keep things square and aids in the install process. These are installed on the back posts and can be placed in any position required. One toward the top and one at the bottom.

Once ready it is simply a matter of lifting the screens into place and getting everything square, this is where the level does its job! Once the concrete is in place you need to be happy with how things are sitting and then sit back and wait for the concrete to harden. You may need to use wooden pegs or struts to hold things in place why drying.

There is no doubt the screens make a big difference and adds that "finishing" touch to a great looking home and garden. We do not offer installation services but have created a document you, your builder or handyman can follow.

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