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Heat Pump Covers; A Good Looker

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Heat Pump Outdoor Unit requires a Heat Pump Cover

Most homes nowadays have a heat pump installed; or if you are in the far north you may refer to them as air conditioners.

Our first Heat Pump Cover will fit most units up to 6KW. The outside dimensions are W1030mm, H770mm and D430mm. A larger model is also available. Made of powder coated aluminium, they will last the test of time. As with all of our products, the design is consistent so the outdoors of your homes has the same colour, design and flow for all covers and sheds.

The covers are three sided with the rear side open not restricting airflow. Heat pump covers protect your outdoor unit from the weather and can also disburse the noise.

The heat pump cover can be bolted down however they also sit perfectly around the unit without the need to connect to the ground. This makes it easy to lift off if maintenance is required.

Hideawayz offer both a louvre and slat finish on each heat pump. We will quote if a custom cover is required or a specific colour.

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