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Preparing To Install A Wheelie Bin Shed

Our HUNA Wheelie (Rubbish) Bin Shed is about to arrive so it is time to prepare the location or pad the shed is going to be placed. Being a shed for rubbish and recycling items it needs to be close to the house as well as the street so there is no drama come collection day; Thursdays for me.

The Rubbish Bin shed measures 1210mm wide and 740mm deep. It is a four sided shed so can be placed away from the side of the house or fence, for me I selected the corner of the garden. The shed comes with a bracket at each corner to allow it to be bolted down and made secure.

Rubbish Bin Shed Platform
Building a platform for the Wheelie Bin Shed

First up I had to remove the shrub that was in the spot I had selected. The shrub was well past its use-by-date, so it was not a difficult decision.

Once the location was cleared it was time to think about the design. I considered a concrete pad, sand and pavers or may be a wooden deck. After considering the costs associated with each option and my own ability I decided to work on a wooden frame and small deck.

As there was a need to secure the shed to the ground I decided to frame the footprint of the shed with an extra board to provide something to bolt the shed to.

At this stage of the build I was still in two minds if I should use sand and two pavers as the floor, but the size I required did not work that well with pavers available at 450x450mm or 600x600mm. One too small and the other too big. Using sand was also problematic as the position of the platform may have caused the sand to wash away the first time it rained.

The wood used to build the frame for the platform came from a previous project as well as visiting a couple of new homes being build down the road. I was able to pick up a couple of off-cuts the builders had in the scrap heap.

In the end I decided on Kwila decking to be used for the central flooring. A quick trip to Mitre 10 to purchase the Kwila decking was next. The Mitre 10 guys cut the decking to the exact size required. I then had to add an additional three boards to create the base for the Kwila decking. They had to be set down some 25mm to allow the decking to be flush with the frame.

A quick coat of paint was then in order, an hour to dry and then a second coat was applied. Lucky for me it was a warm day so the paint dried quickly. The final step required the pre-cut decking to be nailed into place.

The platform was now ready for the Rubbish Bin Shed to arrive, put together and secured in place. This was not a rushed job. I took 3-4 days to think about how I was going to approach this, and eventually a good result was the outcome. Taking time to think about what you will do pays off. If you are a builder then you will know the what and how, so it is an afternoon's work, but for us semi-handymen, thinking is just as important as the doing.

I spent about $100 on the decking and paint. I now look forward to the shed arriving.

Wheelie Bin Shed Platform complete
Wheelie Bin Shed platform build and ready for the shed

I can now update the blog and confirm we have installed the Wheelie Bin shed and everything is working as planned. A 3-bin shed is also available. We are taking orders.

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