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What a Great Idea!

After spending a lot of time in the garden over spring, with a noticeable reduction in stress, you have time for clear thoughts and ideas. It was during this time it became obvious to me there were many things around the outside of one's home that is either ugly or a pain to use. Those 45KG gas bottles stick out like dogs balls! Garden hose reels always fall over when you give the hose that extra tug when at the far end of your garden or lawn. Those white heat pumps, with no colour options to blend into the surroundings. All modern homes are dark in colour and then you are forced to have this white heat pump stuck on the outside which is really an eyesore!

There must be some choices out there?

After spending time with Mr. Google researching the topic, what I was able to locate is a couple of select providers that may offer a single cover or box to hide something, each offering a different choice of colours and design, so while you could hide a few things you end up with the outdoors of your home looking like a patchwork quilt?

So what is the great idea?

Design a range of solutions to hide all those ugly eyesores around the outdoors of your home. Design an alternative for those things that don't work. Use the same colour and finish across the range providing an eye catching flow outdoors. You do this inside so why not outside? Colour choices that fit with the local environment. Materials used are stylist and will last the test of time, without maintenance.

In addition to hiding these eyesores, protect them and or secure them. So a heat pump could be protected from the weather and defuse the noise a little? Gas bottles could be secure so they do not fall on kids or be stolen! (not that I have ever heard of this happening).

Anyway, a good idea is only great when you act on it. So I have!

The first batch of Gas Bottle Protectors is now ordered and we expect to have them arrive early 2018.

Our initial "Expression Of Interest" to the local market via Social Media was very well received and was the key to have me take this feedback seriously. I have designed a range of premium solutions with a louver finish and a standard range that has a slatted finish. The standard range offers a lower price entry point. Made of steel and aluminium, powder coated with a brown or grey, these will last and look stylish as well.

No Plastic!

So many things today are made of plastic and seem to never last. The handle breaks or the lock falls off. The sun also forces an unwelcome colour change. I believe some people are tired of the era when replacing things every 2-3 years is the norm. Paying for something that lasts, and adds value to your property is something people are now considering of value and not "that it is too expensive". Aluminum and steel solutions need to be handmade. So time and materials become an issue, however I believe people will take our products seriously as they are not throwaways, add value and look great.

The process has now started, the prototypes have been designed, some of them built and installed. The initial range of products offered by Hideawayz will include:

Gas Bottle Protector / Screens (45KG)

Heat Pump Cover - medium size initially (up to 6KW), larger size pending

Rubbish Bin (Wheelie Bin and Recycle Bins) Shed - This will accommodate two 140 ltr wheelie bins or one 140 ltr and two recycle bins. Depending on demand, a larger shed for a 240 ltr wheelie bin is feasible.

Garden Hose Box and accessories storage

Bike Shed - storage for up to 4 Mountain Bikes and accessories

Planter Box - placed at the side of your garage doors to continue the flow and design around the outdoors of your home

There has been also questions around a 9KG Gas Bottle box from those people that have a gas hob installed and require the gas bottle not to be insde. The wooden boxes I have seen on the side of the house only adds to the eyesores. Outside wall mounted gas heaters also spring to mind. I have one myself.

So a good idea has turned a relaxed gardener into a designer and marketer of great solutions for hiding those outdoor eyesores and I am sure will add value to your property come the time to sell!

Our products are on our web site for sale. Let me know if you wish to discuss further. Happy to share with you all, Hideawayz already has confirmed orders and is looking forward to a busy 2018. The garden may now have to wait until some stress relief is required again.

If you have any eyesores you need to be hidden, please let us know.


Andre Meyer

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