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HUNA is the Māori word for "to conceal or hide....a secret"

Hiding Those
Outdoor Eyesores

HUNA Covers and Sheds designs and manufactures screens, sheds, covers, and boxes to hide, secure and protect those eyesores we all have around our homes. We are the only New Zealand company to offer consistency in our product design and colour finish.

These include Gas Bottles, Rubbish and Recycle Bins, Wheelie Bins, Heat Pump Units, Gas Water Heaters (califont), Firewood, BBQ’s, Garden Tools, e-Bikes, Bikes, Pool Pumps, Gas Meters, Solar Power equipment, Water Purifications systems and more. 

HUNA products are made from aluminum or steel and powder coated ensuring they will look great in years to come as well as enduring the extreme climate in New Zealand.  

The products are finished in either a slat or louvre design.

All HUNA products are delivered as flat packs with install instructions

Heat Pump Covers

Large Heat Pump Cover from HUNA Covers and Sheds

A superior Heat Pump Cover. Superior design with the materials used.

HUNA Heat Pump Covers louvre design is based on an aircraft wing. Not a single blade of sheet metal but an ellipse. This provides for a smooth surface for the exhaust air from the heat pump exchange unit to travel over, the same as an aircraft

Our Heat Pump Covers have the same colours and design as our other products so the outside of your property has a consistent and stylish look.

HUNA Heat Pump Covers are offered in 4 standard sizes and 3 colours.  Learn More

Wheelie Bin Sheds

Hideawayz Wheelie Bin Shed Brown Louvre

HUNA Wheelie Bin Storage Sheds are the perfect solution for hiding away those unsightly, and sometimes smelly, plastic bins.

Designed for New Zealand made wheelie bins, the sheds accommodate either 2 or 3 domestic wheelie bins. In addition there is an option for a stand that allows two recycle bins to be also stored.

Like all HUNA products, the finish is consistent in either a louvre or slat powder coated aluminium. This ensures all outdoor eyesores are hidden by the same design and colour.

HUNA Wheelie Bin Storage Sheds include a lock down lid, lockable front doors, gas filled struts for easy lifting of the shed lid, automatic opening wheelie bin lids and optional shelf for recycle bins and back if not installed against a wall. The front doors fully open to ensure easy access to your bins on rubbish collection day.  Learn More

Gas Bottle Protector

Black Gas Bottle Protector with Top

HUNA's most popular product is our 45kg Gas Bottle Protector. This is offered to hide 2x or 4x 45kg bottles. 


Some refer to it as a gas bottle cabinet or even gas bottle screens. The Gas Bottle Protector is designed to hide and secure those ugly 45kg gas bottles many homes have stored outdoors.

The Gas Bottle Protector is built from aluminium and powder coated. Colours include grey, black and brown however for an additional cost, you can select any colour you wish.

While designed to be installed into the ground with the posts being concreted in, we offer an option to purchase a kit to install onto an existing concrete path. In addition a top is also available. 

HUNA Gas Bottle Protectors have been installed all over New Zealand, from Ahipara in the Far North to Bluff in the deep south.. Once installed they look very smart and it will certainly add value to your property. We even export these to Australia! Learn More

In addition to our 45kg gas bottle solution we also offer a 9kg Gas Bottle Locker.


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