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How to Install onto Concrete or Wooden Pad

Base Plates provides or options
Base Plates can be fixed to the end of the posts

Base Plate how to install Hideawayz

Some HUNA products include the option for a set of Base Plates to allow our you to install our products onto a concrete or wooden pad.

HUNA Heat Pump Covers and Wheelie Bin Sheds come with the Base Plates as standard.

An optional purchase is available for Gas Bottle Protectors.

For the Heat Pump Covers we suggest these may not need to be installed as once the cover is secured to the ground it cannot be removed easily for servicing the heat pump outdoor unit itself. We have not experienced any issues from strong winds and the cover moving.

For the Wheelie Bin Shed, this should be secured to the pad you have prepared. This will ensure the shed is kept square and performs as a secure shed for the wheelie bins inside. The Base Plates are therefore included.

The Gas Bottle Protectors is where the Base Plates becomes a good option. The design of the Gas Bottle Protector requires the posts to be concreted into the ground at a depth of 400mm. However there are some cases where the ground may be simply too rocky to dig a hole or you already have a path or pad in place. In this case the Base Plates can be purchased to install the Gas Bottle Protector and secured to the existing pad.

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